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Laser cutting acrylic storage box makes storage so easy!

Every girl dreams of having a delicate and beautiful dresser. However, in the face of a wide variety of cosmetics and jewelry, storage has become a big problem. Laser cutting acrylic storage box, let you say goodbye to the "room" beauty!

Laser marking machine

According to the computer design drawings, the laser equipment cuts out the specifications and dimensions required for placing items, and makes a crystal clear, simple and fashionable acrylic storage box, so that the storage items are clear at a glance and convenient to collect.

The laser process accuracy can reach within mm. The acrylic edges and corners after cutting are smooth, without burrs and hands. The non-contact processing method will not damage the acrylic materials, which is beautiful and practical.

Acrylic jewelry box has distinct layers and full texture, so that high-value jewelry can glow in the closed box. Laser technology creates an exclusive space for jewelry and gives full play to its extraordinary charm.

Smart storage, quality of life, laser cutting acrylic storage box, various forms, unlimited creativity, mutual integration and embellishment with items, making storage so easy!