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Do you know some new uses of fiber laser marking machine?

Today, Xiaobian mainly introduces several new application methods of fiber laser marking machine! With people's attention to production and quality, quality control is required to have the ability to follow the manufacturing process and technology. As a method of accurately marking quality information, the demand of fiber laser marking machine is expanding. With the development of laser marking technology, many new methods and applications of laser marking machine have been pioneered in recent years.

1. Shallow trench marking. Shallow groove marking is to form a shallow groove mark on the surface of the material. If the marking depth is too deep, the surface of the material will be damaged. For example, it is necessary to control the marking depth of the IC package in a few microns. In general, laser marking method is used to replace engraving machine and stamping machine.


2. Deep ditch marking. Deep groove marking is to form a deep mark on the surface of materials, which is mainly used for the processing of metal materials. Generally, laser is used to melt, transpiration or repeatedly scan the same part of the material surface to form a deep groove. Now this method of laser can replace the conventional etching.

3. Black (oxidation) marking. Black marking is a symbol that oxidizes the surface of a material to black. It is commonly used for marking metal objects and mechanical parts made of steel. Black marking is also suitable for the marking of iron, stainless steel, silicon and other materials with heavy vision recognition.

4. Melt marking. Melt marking is to mark on the surface of the molten material. For example, in the dust-free silicon wafer manufacturing process, only the surface of the material is melted without damaging the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to control the dust generated by the laser during marking. In general, frequency doubled Nd: YAG laser (532nm) is used to mark the silicon wafer.

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